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Tarot Card Readings

The cards are an amazing way to see what is reflecting from the client's energy at the time of reading. They are a tool to help tap into higher wisdom.

After years of doing readings I have discovered that after learning the cards completely, studying astrology, numerology and psychic development that clairvoyance develops and in my case also claircognizance takes over adding to the fullness of the reading. This is my passion.


North Node Readings

Whats this?...

An astrological aspect of the moon.

It rules our feelings, moods, dependency, security, emotional bodies and our self image.

These readings are very insightful as they allow the person to see what types of past lives they have had which have brought them to this present one.

A North Node reading can tell us what we need to let go of and also what we are here to focus on in this particular life time. It also lets us know what our main area of challenge is in this incarnation.

Sometimes we have patterns that are carried over into this life, that are holding us back. Find out what the universe has set up for you in this incarnation!

It's only when we understand our personality traits that we have the power to achieve our full potential. When you can objectively see the patterns of your own behaviour, you can make adjustments for more efficient results and better performance. A North Node Reading is an empowering moment of self discovery.

A great sense of relief often occurs for people when they have this reading.


Flower Essence Therapy

I use the 'Australian Bush Essences'. These essences offer a practical way to overcome stress, emotional issues, fears, abandonment, anxiety, releasing habits and assist with removing blocks that stop a person from getting in touch with their true higher self... that intuitive part that knows their life purpose.

They're a fantastic way to enhance concentration, spiritual awakening, focus, compassion, making the best decisions for ourselves, trust issues and much more.

Naturopaths give them to patients and I often see through a tarot reading where the person would benefit from essences and this is how I get them out to people.

I make them up in a small dropper bottle. Dosage is usually 7 drops under the tongue first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They last approximately 2-3 weeks. They are completely natural and therefore do not have any adverse side effects with any medications.

How they work

When we are stressed for example, it is not our natural state, its an altered state. When we ingest the natural flower essence into our altered state it rectifies our altered state back to a natural one. We can then look at our issues from a feeling of clarity. You feel on top of things again.

Flower essences help us shift our focus and therefore play a very useful role in freeing us up to be more truly who we are.


Viking Runes

They are small stones originating from the Viking era. They have symbols painted on them which convey meaningful messages.

I always invite the client to pull a rune out of the bag after a tarot reading and it usually reflects the reading and offers support.

In my experience with the runes they give confirmation of the tarot reading and confirms to the client the action to be taken.