Jenny Michael

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So where do I go when I need some psychic guidance to make sure I'm on the right path is this lady, and a couple of weeks ago I had a reading from the gorgeous and amazingly talented Jenny Michael Psychic & Tarot Reader. To say her predictions have been spot on is a total understatement. I have had my socks wowed off by her accuracy and detail. Everything that she said would happen in the next few weeks has happened so can’t wait for the rest of the year to unfold – If there is one thing you should do is go to Jen's FB page and book a reading.

Psychic – Medium Trish Horsman …March 2015.

I have had the pleasure of Jenny doing Tarot readings and preparing Flower Essences for me for approximately 20 years. Every time I have a reading done by Jenny, they are always incredibly accurate, thought-provoking and extremely helpful to me in my life and my decision-making. I have found Jenny to possess very evolved pyschic abilities, to always be incredibly intuitive and have deep empathy and compassion. I would highly recommend anyone to use Jenny for a reading, because her readings are not "just" readings. They are so much more and encompass a whole spectrum of helpful tools and amazing insights. Jenny is an amazing woman and her gifts are unique and wonderful!

- Trish Cunningham, Byron Bay, Australia.

Over the last 5 years I have had numerous readings from Jenny, I find her gentle calming nature most uplifting. Her words and advice have proven most insightful and have given me the direction I have needed at the time. I would recommend Jenny with confidence. She is truly one of the earth’s beautiful souls!

- K. Belbin, Hobart, Tasmania

When considering my work with people I need to have a range of professionals to assist their growth and success. I need them to be professional, totally focussed on the persons development at their individual level, capable if linking their talent and abilities with ethics of the universe, and most importantly I can learn from them. Jenny Michael satisfies all of my criteria and has an innate ability to positively teach growth and responsibility.

- Neil Johnston, Workplace Coach

The first time I went to see Jenny was about 15 years ago, I had just moved back to Tasmania with my two young children and I was looking to find some answers about my future. On my first meeting with Jenny I felt comfortable and as the session continued I knew that I was receiving a quality reading from someone who clearly had a great talent.

I have always believed in readings of all types and have seen many different readers all over Australia, both good and bad. I love how Jenny sets no time limits on her readings and goes with the flow of the reading, this sets a relaxed feeling and I know I will get all the information that I need to hear. I see Jenny for readings twice a year and more often for Bush Flower remedies.

I have found Jenny to be a very caring and consistent reader, who offers many services including runes, Australian Bush Flower remedies and a wonderful knowledge of numerology, astrology and face reading.

I would strongly recommend a visit to Jenny as I know she has great insight and natural talent.

- Carolyn Rose, Tasmania

Jen's true psychic ability becomes apparent soon into her reading. I'm brought to attention by her knowledge and insight into the aspect of my life she's exploring. Her accuracy is even more obvious as life plays itself out. Jen's sense of calm and strength in delivery offers me comfort and support for all she reveals. I am much more confident in my life for the readings I've had with Jen. I highly recommend her.

- Emily Errington, Hobart, Tasmania